State of art equipments:

 To match the excellent manpower, Eyenova hospital is also equipped with    latest state of art equipments to provide vision for a better life. They include:

  1. World’s best and latest White star Signature micro incision surgical system for cataract surgery. With the help of this machine phacoemulsification can be done through 1.8 mm incision and patient can resume normal work next day.
  2. High end Operating microscope with XY control and zoom from Haag Streit, Germany for excellent visualization during microsurgical procedures.
  3. YAG laser for managing after cataract and glaucoma.
  4. Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) for detailed examination of macula and retina, retinal nerve fibre analysis and ganglion cell density in cases of Glaucoma, anterior segment imaging for optical pachymetery and angle measurements.
  5. Digital fundus camera for digital Flourescein angiography to know the details of retina especially in diabetic and vascular disorders.
  6. Green laser for various retinopathies and degenerations
  7. Vitrectomy system for latest 23g stitch less vitrectomies in cases of retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage and various anterior segment complications.
  8. A scan ultrasound for internal assessment of eye.
  9. Visual field analyzer to know the loss and progression of glaucoma.
  10. Autorefractometer for accurate assessment of refractive error.
  11. Non contact tonometery for regular screening of glaucoma
  12. Autokeratometer for exact corneal power measurement.
  13. Indirect ophthalmoscopy for detailed examination of retina.
  14. Immersion biometery for exact calculation of IOL power.
  15. Photo slit lamp for digital recording of eye condition of patient.
  16. Digital recording setup for various operations.
  17. Optical shop run by India’s largest chain.
  18. Medical shop in the premises.