We offer following services-

 Cataract Services:

  • White star microsurgical system
  • Haag striet surgical microscope
  • 1.8 mm micro incision surgery
  • Multifocal lenses, toric lenses
  • No stitch, no injection and no pad
  • Earliest recovery, no restriction
 Glaucoma services:

  • OCT for ONH and GCC study
  • YAG laser for iridotomy
  • Central corneal thickness measurement
  • Visual field analyzer
  • Angle study by OCT
  • NCT for regular screening
 Retinal Services:

  • OCT for macular diseases
  • Fundus flourescein Angiography
  • Green Laser for retinopathy
  • Anti VGEF injections
  • 23 G vitrectomy
  • Retinal detachment surgery
  • ROP screening and management
 Refractive services:

  • LASIK for removal of glasses
  • Refractive lens exchange
  • Clear lens exchange
  • Implantable contact lenses (ICL)
  • Piggy back IOL
  • Contact lenses refractive and cosmetic
 Oculoplastic services:

  • All plastic surgery procedure around eye
  • Pterygium surgery
  • Entropion and ectropoin management
  • Botox and fillers
  • Cosmetic contact lenses
 Squint services:

  • Synaptophore
  • All type of eye exercises
  • Surgical treatment of all type of squints
 Paediatric ophthalmology:

  • Treatment of congenital cataracts
  • Management of various congenital eye diseases
  • ROP management
  • Squint treatment


Modular Operation theatre complex:

Operation theatres are made under strict guidelines of NABH for maximum benefits and least chances of hospital induced infections. Full modular OT is:

  • Equipped with laminar air flow system and HEPA filters to provide fully sterilized air flow inside OT
  • Walls and roof are made up of anti bacterial, anti fungal and anti static joint less 50 mm thick PPGI panels
  • Positive pressure system to reduce any chance of getting contaminated air inside the OT.
  • Automatically controlled temperature and humidity
  • Hermetic scientific steel doors inside whole complex
  • UV rays sterilization of OT
  • Vacuum cycled autoclaves and ETO sterilization