Described as a natural clouding of the eye lens, cataracts are pretty common, affecting about 20 million people worldwide1.

Cataracts are actually considered an inevitable part of aging and are widespread among people ages 55 years and older. In fact, half of all Americans have them—or have had cataract surgery—by age 80. In other words, if you live long enough, you will likely develop cataracts.

What’s worse, if left untreated, cataracts can lead to blindness. Cataracts are already the leading cause of vision loss in adults over age 55 and the most common cause behind blindness worldwide.

There is no drug available for cure of cataract. Surgery is the only treatment for it.

The cataract procedure and its techniques have evolved dramatically improving vision in up to 99% of cases and saving millions from cataract-induced blindness.

No injection, no stitch CATARACT surgery

Cataract Treatment with phacoemulsification is performed on an outpatient basis under topical or regional anesthesia. Paracaine eye drops are used to numb the eye. No injection is given to numb the eye. No patch is required after surgery. The patients can see and move their eyes after surgery. Topical anesthesia has innumerable advantages.


1. There are no risks which are sometimes associated with regional anesthesia.

2. There is improved vision almost immediately after surgery.

3. This type of anesthesia is most helpful to cataract patients with sight in only one eye.

A small incision, less than 3mm, incision is made. Special microsurgical instruments are used to break up and suck the lens fragments from the eye (phacoemulsification). The back portion of the lens capsule is left in place and polished for clarity.

A small foldable intraocular lens is inserted through the wound and unfolded in place of the natural lens. The incision is self-sealing so that no stitches are needed. The no stitch incision is used because it can seal itself after Cataract Treatment without stitches, which allows the eye to heal more naturally and with greater symmetry.

The phacoemulsification technique is carried out as an outpatient procedure in stress free environment. The patients are informed about the details of the procedure. This helps in making the patient more comfortable. The patient is encouraged to bring the friends & relatives so that the apprehensions get allayed.

The surgical experience & the recovery becomes a better experience. The state-of-the-art surgical methods allow people to return home shortly after the procedure to continue with their regular routines.
The total stay in the hospital is for 2-3 hours.

CATARACT SURGERY TECHNOLOGYMicro incision Phacoemulsification with Signature Pro System is the most advanced Phacoemulsification technology in the world for cataract surgery. 1.8 mm phacoemulsification is a much safer & efficient technique as compared with the traditional phacoemulsification technique. This advanced state-of-the–art technology has changed the very perspective of phacoemulsification.At Eyenova hospital, the effort is to give the best results. Calculation of the power of intra Ocular lens is another important click in achieving the power of the spectacles which the patient would have to use after the surgery. We have world top class optical biometer for measuring exact power of IOL to be used.No worry for Cataract Patients with history of Refractive Surgery (PRK/Lasik), as we offers fool proof methodology for calculating the power of Intra Ocular Lens to be used.

Cataract surgery has come of age. Eyenova hospital offers the best customized treatment for each patient. This helps in improving patients’ quality of life they deserve.

The customized cataract surgery involves the following aspects.Every patient has different visual requirements. These requirements are based on the professional & personal visual goals of the patient.

We at Eyenova hospital strive to give to the patient quality and quantity of vision keeping in mind the individual goals. This is possible because of the state-of-the-art capacity to raise the bar in cataract surgery. We tailor our surgical capability to help the patient achieve any of the following goals:

  • Spectacle free eye after cataract surgery.
  • Attaining post operative spectacle power of the eye as per the requirement of the patient.
  • Implanting Intra ocular Lenses having different qualities like:
    • Image Quality
    • Blue light protection to mimic a natural lens of a 20 year old
    • Multifocality provides patients with freedom from glasses
    • Toricity delivers precise astigmatic correction & distance vision spectacle freedo.
    • Protection of the weak Retina by not allowing the posterior capsule to opacify
  • Using different Phacoemulsification techniques according to the type of the cataract.
  • Instant & planned appointment for cataract surgery as per the convenience of the patient.